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Time VS Technology – The Transformation of Slots

Which do you prefer: Casino slot machines and arcade fishing games, or, online slot games and online fishing games? If you prefer the former, it means you go for a tangible gaming experience. You like to be able to grab hold of the machines, be present and experience the lively atmosphere, as well as interact with other players face to face. Or, you are doubtful altogether about playing games online because you cannot see where your money is going, and you don’t know if the games/casinos are dupes or not. Yet, physical games are becoming less relevant in today’s gaming industry because online games are quickly taking over, and for good reasons – assortment, affordability, accessibility, better odds, and bonus games. These qualities, you cannot find or get in a casino or an arcade because, well, these are businesses, and if they did, their finances would have taken a dim view. Not to mention, these places don’t offer free games. Who can say no to free things, right?

9KING Slot Games and Fishing Games​

Becoming a 9KING member means having access to other leading online game rooms and their best-selling games. And since slot games are the most popular casino games and the first choice for many, we have partnered with more than ten providers to keep our selection of games a potpourri. Here’s what you can expect: ​

(1) Egyptian

Egyptian slots are where long-gone Pharaohs and mummies come to live. Fight them so you can keep yours and bring with you their riches.

(2) Viking and Norse mythology

Mythical, fantasy, and other-worldly. Join the Vikings and the Norse on a journey of discovery.  

(3) Horror

If you are a fan of vampires, spirits, or anything spooky, opt for horror themed-slots! They will get your heart pumping, palms sweating, and adrenaline running. Adding into the bargain is the sound effects – eerie, creepy, and chilly, sometimes even the laughter of a child. Don’t play at night! And if you do, don’t look back.

(4) Oriental

Oriental slots are popular among the Asian market, mainly because the titles of the slots are auspicious-like, and denote wealth and luck.

Players believe that picking the right game can add to their success, and in return, winning a boatload of money.  

(5) Movie

Alternatively known as branded slots, these slots are adaptations of blockbuster movies.

The main characters are usually the symbols on the reels, while the background music will be the soundtrack of the movie, instead of the usual chirpy and jumpy ‘slots’ tunes.

(6) Fairy tale

Butterflies and rainbows or werewolves and dark woods? Either one, we cater to players that enjoy light-hearted or mysterious fairy tale slots.

(7) Alien and Space

Explore the vast and celestial universe, take control of your spaceship, and takedown aliens or predators!

(8) X-rated

Naked Asian women, kawaii women in bikinis, full and plump breasts, soft or loud moans, you name it, nobody can top our X-rated slots. Viewer discretion is advised, though.

(9) Classic

Fruit slots are great classics, and just the right fit if you are looking for an easy-going and nostalgic gaming session. For a newbie, he or she can time travel and catch a glimpse of how slot machines looked like before technology came about.

Fishing Games

Fishing games and slots are like twins, except, you need precise aiming and shooting skills to help you make the most of your game.

Picking the highest denomination means you are playing for the progressive jackpot, and killing the highest-value sea creature will garner a windfall.

Apart from the fishes, other characters/symbols like the Fortune Bag, Money Toad, Gold Dragon, and more are bonuses that will multiply your payout if shot.

Game Intact, Playtech, Spade Gaming, and 918Kiss are specific game rooms that offer fishing/shooting games.

If you see the ‘Free Tryout’ button, it means you can play that specific slot/fishing game without real money. 

Our partners for these slots are, but not limited to, Joker123, Dreamtech, Microgaming, Game Intact, Mega888, Gold Deluxe, Playtech, PPAsia, Asia Gaming, Kuma Gaming, 918Kiss, Spade Gaming, and Omega Gaming.

Best Slots and Fishing Entertainment in Malaysia

As a well-rounded slot games and fishing games provider, we ensure to adhere to the slots/fishing guideline to give our players the most exciting gaming experience:

(A) Bonuses

Our games consist of bonuses like free spins and multipliers that will increase players’ bankrolls.

(B) RTP and Variance

All of our slots and fishing games have high RTP percentages, and this helps players gauge how often they can expect to win, and that each player stands a solid chance at winning in the long run.

The assortment of games also keep players enticed, allowing them to try a new game regularly.

(C) Gameplay  

Intuitive user interface and immersive graphics coupled with dynamic tunes plus rewarding payout are some of the qualities we insert in all of our slots and fishing games, so we will never bore players with anything conventional or easily predictable.

(D) Compatibility/Availability

Casino games should not be limited at the casino only. With us, players can play their choice of slot games and fishing games anytime and anywhere, on their mobile device.  

(E) Progressive jackpot

The dream to strike the jackpot is attainable for every player with different budgets that comes to 9KING. Our games have promising odds and pay-back rates.  

– FAQ –

Slot games have never been easier now that it is available online. You just need to press the SPIN or PLAY button, and the game will run itself. The computer system will randomly generate a series of symbols. If there are matching symbols or combinations, the system will draw a bonus, and you will receive the reward accordingly.

Online slot games are games that depend on luck. Other than choosing a suitable number of paylines and the right type of slot games to play, you must also have great patience!

Yes, online slot games are generally safe and reliable. We recommend that you choose a well-known online slot games platform such as 918Kiss, Mega888, Joker123, and etc.

Yes, online casino platforms regularly launch special promotions where you can play slot games for free and win real prizes.

Online slot games usually have several payment lines ranging from 1 to more than 500. The more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning the slot game.

Each time a player places a wager, the progressive jackpot collects a small amount and adds to the prize pool. Over time, the prize pool will amount to enormous sums of money.

All of the money in the prize pool will belong to the lucky player who successfully strikes the jackpot.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It is a device/algorithm that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols randomly. All online casinos use RNGs to make sure that the results of their games are fair each time. If an online casino doesn’t use RNGs, chances are the odds will side the casino, and players will not stand a chance at beating it.

Real money online slots require players to deposit before playing. They offer massive payouts, and reward players with perks like welcome bonuses, free spins, no-deposit bonuses, cash backs, rebates, loyalty bonuses, and many more. With real money slots, players can play for progressive jackpots too.

Real money online slots are the same as slot machines at brick and mortar casinos, except they have a Return to Player (RTP) percentages between 95% to 97%, whereas the latter have RTPs of 75% only.


Although online slots are a game of chance, many players do stand a chance at winning; some of the payouts are decent, while some can be generous.  

Online slots have a high Return to Player (RTP) percentages, which means players win more often in the long run.

If a life-changing reward is what you are looking for, progressive jackpots will suit you best!

Yes, they are!

Selecting a trustworthy online casino Malaysia is key to playing reliable online slots. Mega888, Joker123, and 918Kiss are some of the online casinos 9KING partners with which you can trust and play with peace of mind. These casinos offer legit slot games with hundreds of exciting themes to choose from, keep your personal information safe, and pay out punctually.

The best online slot game room has slot games with high Return to Player (RTP) percentages, overall favorable ratings and reviews, a mix of slot themes, and offers bonuses or carries out promotions frequently.

Mega888, Joker 123, and 918Kiss are examples of some of the best online slot game rooms that are sincere in giving players their best gaming experience, and the opportunity to strike it rich.

Real money online fishing games require players to deposit before playing. In the game, there are additional features that help players multiply their payouts. With real money online fishing games, players can play for progressive jackpots too.

Yes, of course!

Unlike online slots, luck does not play a role when playing online fishing games. To win, you must rely on your skills, which you can gain from frequent practicing and application of strategies.

There are also additional features in the games that, once triggered or taken down, can multiply your payouts by heaps.

You can also play for progressive jackpots in select online fishing games.


Selecting a trustworthy online casino Malaysia is key to playing reliable online fishing games. 918Kiss, Spade Gaming, and Playtech are some of the online casinos 9KING partners with which you can trust and have fun at.

These casinos offer legit fishing games with varying themes to choose from, keep your personal information safe, and pay out punctually.

The best online fishing game room has fishing games with a decent Return to Player (RTP) percentages, overall ratings and reviews, a mix of fishing themes, and immersive graphics and sound effects that blend well.

You should also pick a game room that explains the particularities of the fishing game clearly.